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The first thing to check for on chimney flashings is to make sure all the required pieces are there. The second thing is to check the top of the cap flashing. In many cases, the tops are not set properly into mortar joints.

Chimneys often have a foundation, sometimes it's independent from the house. In either case, the roof deck may move relative to the masonry chimney. Good chimney flashings are two-part. The base flashings are secured to the deck and the cap flashing is secured to the masonry. The overlap between these two flashings allows movement without disturbing the water tightness.

Typical conditions:

  • Rust damage (including loose flashings or flashings that are opened at the top)installation-related problems
  • Rust is caused by age, failure to maintain painting, incompatible materials such as aluminum flashings on masonry chimneys, or steel nails used on copper flashings, tarring over metal flashings.
Damaged flashings are a result of animal damage, differential movement of the roof and chimney, mortar or fastener deterioration and careless roofing or masonry work nearby.

Ford Roofing Company, LLC Images
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