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Our minimum charge for the initial service trip, leak diagnosis, and repair estimate is $95.00. This fee will be applied as credit toward the total repair cost if you employ us to perform the repair.

Full Service Inspections

  • Storm Damage Inspections $195-235
  • Inspections for Real Estate Buyers & Sellers $285-350
Please keep in mind, that a full roof inspection is not the same as a replacement estimate.

Full Roof Replacement Estimate

Already know you need a full roof replacement? Call for a free no obligations estimate. Well walk you through our proposal and strategies for solving your specific roofing issues. With upfront knowledge, youll be able to take on the project with confidence and avoid costly mistakes.

Repair vs Replacement

As a rule of thumb, because shingles become brittle with age, replacement should be considered during the last 20% of the predicted roof life. Most of the issues that occur during the first 80% of the roofs life, can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new roof. Weather damage and poor installation are the exceptions that may cause your roof to fail prematurely. If you're uncertain, call us at (615)794-3959 and ask for a repair. We'll send out a technician to render an opinion and provide the appropriate repair or replacement estimate.

Avoiding Mistakes

10 most common problems with roof replacements

Below are the ten most common problems found during an audit of 15,000 residential roof jobs:
  • 1. Wrong Products
  • 2. No Leak Barriers
  • 3. Bad Ventilation
  • 4. No Drip Edge
  • 5. Chimney Problems
  • 6. No Starter Shingles
  • 7. Poor Flashing
  • 8. Valley Issues
  • 9. Nailing Problems
  • 10. Poor Shingle Integrity
So when comparing quotes from different contractors, make sure they are addressing these issues and coming up with a plan to ensure your new roof is installed properly and with the highest standards!

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