Ford Roofing Company, LLC ImagesThere are various causes for the mortar to crack and deteriorate on your chimney. Water, snow, and ice can penetrate the cracks to cause more deterioration to the mortar around your chimney bricks. In some cases, after the tuckpointing procedures have started, bricks or stones can crumble or shift in place. Rebuilding a portion or all of the area may then be necessary. Listed below are the procedures used for our repointing services.

Referred to as repointing (A.K.A tuckpointing), pointing, spot pointing, & brick chimney repair. Repointing restores the masonry mortar joints between your bricks.

Repointing can be defined as the removal and replacement of mortar between stone, block, or brick.

Our masonry crews will replace the existing failing mortar with new mortar to match the original masonry texture and color as closely as possible.Once mortar has been placed within the joint, it is then professionally tooled. When done properly, repointing will provide a strong, water-resistant joint that will extend the life of your masonry chimney and prevent future brick chimney repair needs.



When the roof flashing around a chimney is good and leak issues remain, the top and sides of the chimney probably need attention. We can replace rusted and leaky chimney caps, or add a cap to a chimney where the top brick and mortar is in poor condition.

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